Rural Data for Action 2nd Edition

Originally published in 2006, Rural Data for Action, A Comparative Analysis of Health Data for the New England Region, filled the need for documentation regarding the unique experiences of those living in rural New England in regards to their health indicators, experiences accessing health care and their health outcomes. The publication served as a valuable tool for community leaders, legislators, health care providers, administrators and others who worked to address the complex issues related to improving and enhancing the region’s health care system. The New England Rural Health Association and our members are pleased to present our 2nd edition of this regional resource.

This report uses a collection of data sources to present a current picture of rural health in New England, focusing on characteristics of the population and the delivery system, as well as risk factors, and ultimately outcomes for those living in rural areas. This new edition provides readers with access to comparative analysis between the current data and data sets from the prior edition, highlighting trends and shifts. In addition, this 2014 edition will serve as a valuable tool moving forward as a benchmark against which we will be able to measure and monitor the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in rural areas throughout New England.

This project is the product of true collaboration. Six different State Offices of Rural Health (SORH) provided funding for the project. The advisory committee consisted of staff from each SORH and they all contributed valuable guidance throughout the entire project period while RoundTable staff provided project leadership. Support was also provided by the National Rural Health Association and the Veterans Rural Health Resource Center.

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