Washington is Listening to Rural America - We Need to Hear Your Story

During our recent Hill visits, the message we received from Congress was very clear – Washington is listening to Rural America. Several Senators and members of the House of Representatives from the New England delegation requested assistance from the RoundTable to help gather local voices to inform this significant policy discussion around rural healthcare issues. Specifically, they want to hear about how healthcare reform has helped you, a loved one, your company or a healthcare organization that you are affiliated with. They are equally interested in hearing about how you think we can improve or change the ACA. Share your healthcare reform story, providing direct examples of how healthcare reform has worked for you as in individual or organization, or how to improve the law to make it work better for more Americans like you.

Every story is important! Below please find some ideas of topics that we think could be particularly useful:

Individuals - Did you or someone you know gain access to insurance they previously went without? Are you receiving primary and preventative services for the first time? Do you have stories about the impact of preventative services, access to medications and treatment, or to drug and alcohol treatment, or care for pre-existing conditions?

Employers – How have the changes in premiums been affected? Are you better able to attract and retain staff? Are your staff able to access preventative services or treatment for pre-existing conditions?

Providers – Are you seeing an impact from access to preventative services for patients or treatment for pre-existing conditions? Are you seeing patients that had gone without care? Has it impacted your bottom line in terms of reimbursement? Do you feel it has impacted your ability to provide the kind of care you were trained to deliver? Has it impacted your ability to meet the needs of your community?

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